Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kissing Eskimos at Valentine's!

           The holidays have been rich and full for me, time with family and friends, music and food, as we focused on the reasons for these celebrations.  A few  days ago my husband's oldest brother,  Earl Towner,  died of a stroke.  Although a sad time, it does also bring extended family together, and memories of his family.  My own dear mother in law, Ruthie Evangeline Christine Ost Towner, had a lovely hobby-business creating felt pictures of the Alaska of her life.  I enjoyed helping her sew these scenes for years, but lately tried my hand at painting some of her ideas om good cotton dish towels.  Here is one that I did while we sat around reminiscing with these dear brothers and sisters in law. 

Esquimales Besándose
Esto es una toalla de algodón para secar platos, decorado con figuras, como las que hacía mi querida suegra en fieltro sobre fieltro.  Mientras vivía, la ayudaba hacer estas escenas, de los cuales, este es uno.

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