Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trip to Spain, and morning glories!

I have been so busy living, and moving to Sauk Centre, then a trip to Spain interrupted, that blogging has taken a rest.

This fall my husband, Jim, and I and two of our children took a trip around Spain visiting folks and had great time! Yes, there was so much to paint and so little time to do so! When we got back, I got out my paints and covered the large shed doors with morning glories, of the variety so common in northern Spain. Oh, my hands got chapped and numb with cold, and parts were so high that i had to balance rther precariously. It was especially enjoyable becaue it took me a long time to decide what subject I would like on it. I considered a northern MN lake scene with loons or ducks, or large hisbiscus, or mountains, or coasts, or waterfalls, but when I tried to envision what those would look like in the various seasons, they were not satisfying to me. So I asked the Lord for ideas, since He knows me well. Yes, what joy it was to suddenly think of the blue morning glories and know that God had whispered that idea.

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  1. It is truly amazing! I love it. Such a nice scene to see from the livingroom window.