Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Knitting Needles? Know Chop Sticks!

Oh, we artists are always using what is at hand.  Just today I was making time count for more than one thing... visiting with my daughter  Elisa while doing a knitting project.

  Because we are in the process of moving, the knitting needles are packed deep away in some box, so another daughter, Anne Carolyn, suggested that there were some chopsticks in the kitchen drawer of the mission housing.

Yes!!  So my knitting creation is beginning on the length of chopsticks that have surely never been used for that purpose!

How are you innovative?


  1. bien hecho!! parece un 'purse' (?)...

  2. This is great Mom! I like to be innovative in being efficient for storage or cleaning. I also have a creative streak, but not as much as you!

  3. I think that everyone has a "creative streak" since we are created in God's image. It is fun to use it where ever we have an urge.
    Raquel, es una bufanda para una amiga enferma. Espero terminarla pronto, antes de la primavera.

  4. That's a great idea! I will have to keep that in mind!