Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Martha's Art

Cantabrian Waters with Gulls
--Private Collection*--

Pico San Pedro, Spain
Acrylic, 1986 *
Sara and I sat talking and watching the waves come tumbling in one after another for four hours on a Sunday afternoon, soaking in its joy and wildness. Later I went home and painted from memory.

Simply Life
--Private Collection--

Anne Carolyn on the Cantabrian Coast, Spain
Watercolor, 2004  *

Girls Gather Flowers
--Private Collection--

 Minnesota, USA
Oil, 2000

Frozen Pond study
--private collection--

Andrade Castle
After visiting this castle many times, I took up the acrylics and
a large canvas to enjoy painting it on site.  Later, as often happens, it rained,
but that only seemed to enhance the mysterious look and the fun I had painting.
--original sold-- 

*Copies of these images are available.
Cards: $1.50   Copies: $39.99

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